Inauguration of the Patrick Morarescu exhibition “Baix Llum Mallorquina”

The inauguration took place this Friday at the Ca Ses Monges de Pòrtol exhibition hall.

“Baix Llum Mallorquina” presents different photographic series of the island without tourists, in the year 2020, traditions, places, and natural landscapes.

Patrick Morarescu, a German photographer and visual artist, inaugurated a photographic exhibition at Ca Ses Monges de Pòrtol this Friday, April 19.

In “Baix Llum Mallorquina,” he presents different photographic series that capture his experience of discovering the island without tourists, in the year 2020, but also the traditions, places, and natural landscapes. He stands out for his portraits, many of them made in Marratxí.

Morarescu, who has exhibited in more than twenty countries around the world, says he has discovered a unique and captivating beauty in the diversity of the island. According to the author, his images aim to capture “not only the external beauty and extraordinary light of Mallorca, but also the most intimate essence and hidden stories of this place, reflected in my own artistic and personal development.”

The mayor of Marratxí, Jaume Llompart, attended the presentation, stating that Patrick Morarescu’s exhibition at Ca Ses Monges de Pòrtol “gives us an additional boost that complements the entire exhibition network of Marratxí. His photography has taught us that with patience everything comes, it is spectacular how these images turn out, and we invite you to come to the exhibition,” declared the mayor.

“This is the first photography exhibition at Ca Ses Monges de Pòrtol since we began the legislature, and we hope that many more will come,” added the Councilor for Culture and Ceramics, Carmen Cañellas, also present at the inauguration. “To debut this type of exhibition with Patrick is a luxury. He has explained to us the moments when he captured the photographs, one by one, and where they were taken.”

More information about the project and the image gallery can be found on the website

The exhibition can be visited from April 19 to May 8 at Ca Ses Monges de Pòrtol. Major Street number 135. Opening hours: Tuesday and Thursday, 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. Wednesday, Friday, and Saturday, 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.

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