Seven “olleries” in Marratxí receive the Emblemàtics Balears distinction

Alejandro Sáenz de San Pedro: “It is crucial to highlight the daily work of these small businesses and artisans with this kind of recognition”

Jaume Llompart: “The siurells and the pots are a point of connection and allow for a strong sense of belonging to this land”

This morning, the centers of Pòrtol and Sa Cabaneta received a visit from the Minister of Business, Employment, and Energy of the Balearic Government, Alejandro Sáenz de San Pedro, who personally delivered the Emblemàtics Balears plaques to seven potteries, recognizing their economic, historical, and cultural importance.

The minister took a walking tour through the streets of Marratxí, visiting the seven distinguished establishments. He was accompanied on the tour by the mayor of Marratxí, Jaume Llompart, the manager of ADR Balears, Silvia Delgado, and the municipal councilor for Economic Promotion, Commerce, Industry, and Tourism, Odette Torres.

The day began at 10:00 a.m. in Plaza de Can Flor de Pòrtol. From there, the itinerary included stops at the traditional potteries Terra Cuita, Sa Roca Llisa 26, Can Bernadí, Cas Canonge, Can Vent, Madó Bet des Siurells, and Can Bernadí Nou. All of them received the Emblemàtics Balears distinction and their representatives had the opportunity to talk with the authorities.

Jaume Llompart highlighted the significance of this recognition: “The potteries are a link in a very dispersed municipality. We see the clay land as a way to make ourselves known externally, but the siurells and the pots are a point of connection and allow for a strong sense of belonging to this land. I believe it is important to value, respect, and recognize the work of so many generations of potters and siurell makers.”

Minister Alejandro Sáenz de San Pedro emphasized the importance of the Emblemàtics Balears project for traditional small businesses: “We are talking about commerce, SMEs, and micro-SMEs, about self-employed people who get up every morning to face an increasingly competitive market. It is crucial to highlight the daily work of these small businesses and artisans with this kind of recognition.”

Local potters expressed their gratitude and pride at the visit and institutional recognition. Elionor Amengual from the pottery Can Bernadí commented: “I am very proud. I know my father would also be very happy and I am excited because this is the first time I have received such a distinction, having such an old business. It is an achievement to be able to maintain this ancestral craft today.”

For his part, Antoni Mesquida from Can Vent added: “This pottery is one of the oldest, they say it has been standing since 1700, and it is a pride that the institutions think of us. As long as they recognize that you do a well-done and artisanal job, keep going.”

Pep Serra from the pottery Terra Cuita pointed out: “There has always been talk about the clay land, from the grandparents who already set up the potteries. These distinctions help us stand out against the big stores.”

Marratxí was one of the first municipalities to join Emblemàtics Balears, but until now the plaques had not been delivered to the potteries. Ceramics is one of Marratxí’s most important artisanal products for its tradition and quality, a heritage that dates back to the late 17th century. With the white clay, extracted from Pou del Coll, and the red clay, from Coves de Can Guidet, all the utensils for cooking and preserving food were made. Today, these potteries continue to keep this ancestral tradition alive, producing unique pieces that combine traditional techniques with contemporary designs.

In addition to the potteries, Marratxí has other businesses cataloged as Emblemàtics Balears, which will receive their distinction in the coming weeks. These include Authex: Flor d’Ametler – Tot Herba (natural hygiene and cosmetics), Bodegas Suau (winery and liquor production), Can Pinet Confecciones (clothing and accessories), Can Xic (hardware store), and Forn des Pla de na Tesa (bakery and pastry shop).

Emblemàtics Balears is a project launched in 2019 to recognize, protect, and promote traditional businesses with history and roots in the municipalities. Promoted by the Ministry of Business, Employment, and Energy through the Directorate General for Self-Employed, Business, and Commerce, and ADR Balears, the project aims to give visibility to the local commercial fabric, support small and medium-sized businesses, and help diversify the economy. The project has a website,, where you can find all the history and information on the 346 establishments that are part of the project in 30 municipalities of the Balearic Islands.

The delivery of the Emblemàtics Balears plaques to the potteries of Marratxí not only recognizes their historical and cultural value but also reaffirms the commitment of the municipality and the Balearic Government to the preservation of artisanal heritage. This day marked an important milestone in the promotion of local products and support for local commerce in Marratxí.

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